It is my strong opinion that the Catholics are the only Christians who can afford the luxury of simple faith in God. I do not know why this is happening, but any attempt to create a non-Catholic theology generate numerous conflicts between faith and reason. Either you disconnect to logic, to maintain peace of mind, or you have to create an arsenal of evidences for your faith, and then constantly afraid that your proofs are wrong, or you lose faith to stay honest  with yourself.  During the protestant period of my life I have become skilled in religious rhetoric, and terribly tired of it, so that I desperately wanted a simple faith of the Breton peasant.

However, I not only got rid of that burdens, but also gained a lot. Unfortunately, even those Protestants who do not share the popular anti-Catholic myths (like that the Pope is the Antichrist) and relate to Catholicism with the respect, still believe Catholicism something obviously wrong and totally unacceptable for them. “Imagine I'm a Catholic. This means that I will venerate the Virgin Mary and the saints, not the Bible is the ultimate authority for me, but the Catechism, many strange things appear in my everyday life - medallions, crosses, statues.  I'd have to confess to a priest and every day 50 times pray "Hail Mary" on the rosary?”

In popular Catholic literature for the Protestants, you can read that Catholics are not forced to venerate the saints, and more, buy medallions. If you don't want to do it, don't do it. But the fact is that all these so unpleasant Protestant thinking things are direct consequences of the truth.